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The lives of people who are HIV-positive depend on their ability to receive the medical care and daily medication that reduces the level of virus in their bodies to undetectable levels and which virtually eliminates the risk they can transmit the virus.

Tens of thousands of low-income people who are living with HIV depend on organizations like the Los Angeles LGBT Center for free or affordable medical care and many more depend on community clinics like the Center for free HIV/STD testing.

The president and leaders in Congress have vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, which would have a direct impact on how people living with HIV can purchase coverage and access health care and lifesaving medications.

In an article on, one of the nation’s leading HIV/AIDS activists, Carl Schimd, raises alarms regarding how the Obamacare repeal will impact people living with HIV.

Please take the 100 Days and Me pledge to stay informed, be vigilant, and help fight federal policies and legislation that threaten the safety, health and well-being of LGBT people. 

January 24, 2017