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In response to President Trump’s order to ban immigrants and refugees from seven countries from entering the United States, Los Angeles LGBT Center CEO Lorri L. Jean said:

“Banning refugees from coming to the U.S. is not only heartless, it’s un-American and clearly unconstitutional. Those who are fleeing violence, persecution and war in their home countries are already the most vetted people who enter the U.S., undergoing background and screening processes that take at least 18 months. Among those who will be particularly harmed by this order are LGBT people in the countries that are banned because in that part of the world they’re likely to face persecution, violence and even death because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

“In 2016 more people turned to the Center for immigration and asylum support than any other legal-related issue. The shameful reality of this order is that while it does nothing to enhance the security and safety of our country, it’s likely to result in the loss of innocent lives and to feed the propaganda machine of those who are at war with our country. We expect members of Congress from both parties to stand in opposition to this order and the onslaught of executive orders that harm and further marginalize already marginalized communities.”

January 30, 2017