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From the repeal of basic civil rights protections to the elimination of safety net programs that protect and care for the most vulnerable, the LGBT community is facing historic threats from our federal government today. In fact, President Trump’s first executive orders are more than threats, they’re potentially deadly actions, and we’ve learned this is just the beginning.


As the nation’s largest social safety net for LGBT people, we at the Los Angeles LGBT Center are especially concerned. The Center welcomes more than 42,000 visits each month from homeless youth, low-income seniors, people living with HIV, survivors of domestic violence, and many others who include the most vulnerable in our community — namely LGBT people who depend on the Center for care and support, hope, and a home.

Thousands of low-income and uninsured people, including many living with HIV, depend on the Center and other community health centers for medical care and medicine. The promised repeal of Obamacare, with no satisfactory replacement plan, would mean the loss of lives. So would defunding the Ryan White Care Act, which has historically received bipartisan support.

The center will survive as an organization, but if federal funding for some of our vital programs is eliminated, I fear some of our clients may not.

Read Los Angeles LGBT Center CEO Lorri L. Jean’s full opinion piece on

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February 6, 2017