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Republican leaders in the House of Representatives are holding secret and closed reviews of their proposed replacement plan for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), shutting out all Democrats and most Republicans and setting off a bizarre day Thursday on Capitol Hill (read more about it here). They have gone from 'repeal and replace' to 'repeal and hide.'

The ACA as we know it was posted online for 30 days for review before the markup period AND had more than 70 hearings. Only a public review of any ACA replacement will ensure that vital protections for the LGBT community remain intact. 

Call your representatives now to make sure there’s #NoSecretPlan. Find your representatives here.

Here’s some help with what you can say:

What's the big secret? Show us your plan that allows 30 million Americans to keep their coverage, protects Medicaid, and makes monthly premiums, co-pays and prescription medicines affordable for all.

Extremists in Congress are ignoring the will of the people and rushing to rip apart healthcare for millions of people - and now are hiding their replacement plan. They aren't sharing who would be covered, who would lose coverage and who would be forced to pay insurance companies more.