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Historically, a president’s first 100 days were seen as a so-called “honeymoon.” Even presidents who face a divided government usually have higher rates of legislative success in Congress during those first 100 days than during other times of their administrations. Likewise, studies have shown that the media cover the president in a more positive light during the first 100 days.

We are now on day 50 of the Trump administration. Far from a honeymoon, this administration’s early days have been marked by a rollout of an ultra-conservative, anti-equality agenda. From the anti-Muslim travel bans to attacks on transgender students and LGBT people seeking affordable heath care, the Trump administration is targeting the most vulnerable members of our community.

Don’t be fooled because Trump’s actions have so often looked like a paranoid flurry of nonsensical executive orders and mean tweets. An executive order that will seek to legalize anti-LGBT prejudice under the guise of protecting so-called “religious freedom” is coming.

Meanwhile, more than 100 archaic anti-LGBT bills have been introduced in 29 states in 2017. Right now, these bills are threatening our marriages, our transgender community, our rights to be parents, our access to education. More insidiously, bigotry and hate have been given permission to thrive throughout the nation. In the last month at least four LGBT community centers around the country have been the target of anti-LGBT vandalism, including the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

Trump and his administration continue to use words like ‘safety,’ ‘privacy,’ and ‘choice’ to justify their actions when, in fact, they are working against the values Americans hold most dearly: freedom, equality, and justice.

We must see through the noise and continue to fight, remembering that this is a marathon, not a sprint. We know that the arc of the moral universe is long and that it bends toward justice. It won’t get there without our help.

Please take the 100 Days and Me pledge to stay informed, be vigilant, and help fight federal policies and legislation that threaten the safety, health and well-being of LGBT people.

Share with us your mobile number and we’ll text you when urgent action is necessary.

March 11, 2017