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Today the collective voices and concerns of millions of Americans were heard loud and clear on Capitol Hill and at the White House. Thankfully, at least for the moment, the most vulnerable members of the LGBT community, including youth and seniors, will continue to have access to the affordable healthcare that every American deserves.

But we cannot rest on today’s victory or get complacent. Because, surely, this fight is not over. Nor is it the only important battle to be waged. The LGBT community is facing attacks on many fronts, from devastating budget cuts that threaten funding for housing our seniors and homeless youth to the more than 100 archaic and alarming anti-LGBT bills have been introduced in 29 states. Plus, bigotry and hate have been given greater permission to thrive throughout the nation.

Whether it’s protecting our right to healthcare or preserving the values that Americans hold most dearly—freedom, justice and equality—we must continue to fight. This is a marathon, not a sprint.