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Tomorrow, the House of Representatives will vote to take away health insurance from 24 million Americans like Steven.

Steven, 27, was diagnosed with cancer last year. Because of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), he was able to get insurance he could afford and access the healthcare he needed. Steven credits the care he received at the Los Angeles LGBT Center with saving his life. For Steven, the most terrifying moments since his diagnosis has been the uncertainty of how he will afford the treatment he still needs if the ACA is repealed.

President Trump has promised a plan that provides “better healthcare for more people at a lesser cost.” Tomorrow, the House will vote on a plan that covers less and costs more. Millions will lose insurance. The average cost for people who can keep insurance will increase more than $4,800 per person each year. Meanwhile, individuals earning in the 1% income bracket will receive between $33,000 and $197,000 in tax cuts each year.

In addition to individuals, states will bear the brunt of the financial burdens under the plan. California Gov. Jerry Brown called the proposal an “insult to democracy itself,” warning that the plan will add $6 billion in costs a year to California. California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones warned that repealing the ACA would return us “to a time when the shadow of financial catastrophe loomed over every family." (Use this map to find out how the ACA repeal will impact your state.)

In every way that counts, we as individuals…as families…as communities…as states…and as a nation cannot afford this plan. Act now to #SaveACA.

• Tell your representatives to vote NO and #SaveACA.
• Join us Thursday in Los Angeles to march to #SaveACA.
• Not in Los Angeles? Click here to find resistance actions around the country.


The Trump administration has rescinded an Obama administration policy that any school that receives federal money must treat a student’s gender identity as his or her sex. This meant that transgender students were protected Title IX, the statute that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex. Today’s action has put this protection in jeopardy, leaving students open to discriminatory and dangerous interpretations of Title IX. The decision was made by the White House, Justice Department, and Department of Education. Call now and voice your opposition:

President Trump: 202-456-1111
Attorney General Jeff Sessions: 202-353-1555
U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos: 202-401-3000

*If mailboxes are full, keep calling backHere’s some help with what you can say:

All students deserve the dignity of being free from harassment and discrimination, including use of the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity. Schools are frequently unwelcome places for LGBT youth, but particularly for transgender students. Please reverse your decision and give transgender students the protections they deserve under Title IX.

Read more about the rollback.

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